Cupid Painted Blind

Chapter 1

Music swelled and rose above the thick bouquet of coffee without drowning out Tsukiko’s tinkling laughter. She put down her phone, holding it only in slight nervousness, and gave James a look of genuine warmth. James felt a plume of euphoria as he witnessed those cute little dimples form in her cheeks. Her voice was lilted with Japanese formality yet hearing her chuckle made her seem so different. Read More


Dear Journal… What I Learned After Writing My First Novel

Well, it finally happened. I managed to finish the second draft of Cupid Painted Blind. Yeah, studio applause and all that, but it’s not all celebratory. I’ve been thinking of what’s changed since I began the first draft back in July and it’s weird how much has changed. Everything is moving forward and with every triumph and setback, you realize that’s what separates writers from people who simply just talk about writing. To begin… Read More


An Alsatian leapt into the green, chasing the butterfly in a joyous yet fruitless endeavour. Sarah, whose name was randomly decided when they gained ownership of her as a puppy, gave up on the fleeing insect and instead waited on what to do next. A plump woman with a French Bulldog cast a wary look her way before turning left at the forked path and leaving Sarah to await her company.

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