Dear Journal… Another Novel Update, a Possible Novella and Other Things

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An Alsatian leapt into the green, chasing the butterfly in a joyous yet fruitless endeavour. Sarah, whose name was randomly decided when they gained ownership of her as a puppy, gave up on the fleeing insect and instead waited on what to do next. A plump woman with a French Bulldog cast a wary look her way before turning left at the forked path and leaving Sarah to await her company.

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They were draped in blue, a beautiful blue that only few ever saw. Upon those stained satin sheets, she smiled as his hands pressed down on her throat. She did not struggle as the world around her misted, instead she smiled.

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Eyes Love You

This is an unpublished story of mine written during a pretty heavy J-Horror kick. Be warned, it’s pretty violent and features themes of abuse and sexual assault. I struggled with deciding whether to post this for ages due to having mixed feelings about it.

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