Update on Draft III mk II

Hi all.

Again, apologies for never posting. I’ve been busy and I recently got over a bout of writer’s block that was pretty stifling. I doubted my ability as a writer which is a slippery slope, as we all know. I finally restarted my newest draft of my novel The Glass Ocean after learing a few things. Read More


More of What I’ve Read in 2018… (28/04/18)

Hi all, just thought I’d drop an update on the books I’ve read recently. I have a stack of novels I want to read, but I seem to lose interest and dive into something else instead… it’s happened three times now. I’m currently forty books into my one hundred book challenge, which I cannot tell is good or not. Read More

Films That Make Me Feel “Bookish”

Inspiration is a strange thing. Often, when I’m walking my dogs, I’ll get an idea I’ll never have gotten had I remained behind my laptop. There are films I’ve enjoyed that I’ve always thought would make great novels and I thought, as my output on this blog has been slow, I’d list a few and why they make me feel “bookish”. Read More

Cupid Painted Blind

Chapter 1

Music swelled and rose above the thick bouquet of coffee without drowning out Tsukiko’s tinkling laughter. She put down her phone, holding it only in slight nervousness, and gave James a look of genuine warmth. James felt a plume of euphoria as he witnessed those cute little dimples form in her cheeks. Her voice was lilted with Japanese formality yet hearing her chuckle made her seem so different. Read More