Dear Journal… Novel Update, Future Stories & More

Hey all.

I’m just making a quick post so you’re aware of where I am with my writings. First of all, my novel is coming on alright. I’ve hit the first 20K so now I have the arduous journey of the mid-section of the story. You know, the part where it’s mostly filler and exposition.. However, I’m reading what I’ve already written and I’m doing what I can to make sure I write the best novel I can. Sure, the first draft will suck but I’ll edit and rewrite until it’s improved. I’ve been listening to By The Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers a lot when writing it due to the rainy-day-at-the-beach feel I’m trying to cultivate and no doubt, it’ll be on a loop when I start on the next draft.

Regarding future novellas/short stories… I am planning more in the future but only after the first draft of my novel is written. It’s highly unlikely I’ll return to the horror style. After the tepid reaction to The Waking Dream and my own dislike of it, I discontinued the series. You see, The Waking Dream was a stealth sequel to Homecoming which was meant to be followed on with a sequel where Renxiang and Samson fought The Monster. The tale would end with the corruption spreading over the earth which would end with a reboot of my earlier Silent Heaven series. Instead I’m going back to Realistic Fiction/Social Realism style of writing that I think I’m better suited to. In all honesty, I hated writing it (although not as much as Mixed State – why everyone likes the first chapter so much is a mystery) so I want to get back to a style with substance and meaning.

Recently, I’ve been busying myself with the works of Jonathan Franzen, Jhumpa Lahiri and Zadie Smith. I love novels featuring social realism, cynicism and likeable assholes so fire away if you have any suggestions. In the past year or so, I read Sad Girls by Lang Leav, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and Nod by Adrian Barnes. Don’t read them.. oh boy. They all had potential but instead seemed like the authors were desperate to fill the page count instead of expanding on their ideas. I honestly think every idea should be turned inside-out and explored. Go big or go home, like David Foster Wallace.

Anyway, enough self-aggrandizing, I’m going back to planning. I have a fair few novellas in mind with only one idea for another novel. Oh, I’m also going to post a single chapter from my novel for feedback but I’m not exactly certain when.


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