Homecoming: All Chapters & Short Essay

Hello reader.

Below, you’ll find links to all the chapters from my novella Homecoming. So, if you’re late to the party or you fancy a catch-up, here’s the horror tale in all its glory:

Writing Homecoming

Homecoming had been gestating in my mind for quite some time before I eventually put it to paper. One of the earlier ideas was The Lost Hour which centered a cycle of events that were somewhat similar to that of Homecoming however my old laptop sadly broke so I cannot delve any deeper. But the introduction, where James returned home to his ailing father, was written plenty of times before in other aborted stories of mine. The tunnel upon the brook where the murders took place is something I’ve always wanted to incorporate. In fact, it’s a real place not far from where I live. As a child, I followed two others inside it and managed to creep my way to the other side due to my curiosity (it ended on the other side when a much older boy decided to throw rocks at the water in the hopes of splashing us). Now if I tried to enter that tunnel, my back would be in so much agony. The murder angle came much later in the form of a discredited urban legend of the ‘vampire’ who supposedly dwelled within.

Other elements came from my surroundings too. Some of the characters are based on people I know (Samson, yes, but Renxiang sadly not) whilst the first three Silent Hill games had an obvious influence. Those games are to me what Lovecraft is to Stephen King. Am I Down? by Iron Butterfly was even a small plot point as I found that song almost by accident and dug it almost much as I dug the original Bark at the Moon by Ozzy Osbourne. At times, writing this was a labour of love as I was still getting used to longer word counts but I think it paid off; I’m a better writer now and committing to this has benefited my current works. Yeah, it’s not perfect and I still think I could have done better but fuck it, I’m proud of it.


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