New Poem: ベネズエラの寂しい女

Candlelight spills over this lonely path
I think I’ve had enough
So I stumble, and I wonder
where has the sun gone?
All I can hear is the whistle
of the last train
It’s fine, I’ll walk home
It gives me time to think Read More

Something I Can Never Have

The room they were given was a colourless husk with only a metallic table and two chairs. It was oddly silent, as though it were the centre of an empty universe. James sat, his phone and a notebook along with a pen neatly ordered on the desk, as he waited. The knot in his stomach tightened and his breath was oddly sharp. Though he had a job to do, he never wanted to come back to this dingy room in the middle of this industrial Hell.

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Prom Violence

Gabriela typed away on her boyfriend’s computer, the green light of the monitor gleaming in her eyes. A song, from a CD she bought, thumped and grinded, not allowing for any stillness. She straightened in her seat, as something caught her attention. Read More


Troy’s smile was as blank as his eyes. Photoshopped to high Heaven, but Charlotte didn’t mind as she was fixated on the mannequin-like posture of the Troy that was ambling around on her television set. Her laughter was childlike and felt vulgar against the sallow walls and stained carpeting. Read More